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Reference DAHUA-744 Model PFH610V-H-POE

PoE+ aluminum case for outdoors

Reference DAHUA-181 Model PFH610V-IR

Outdoor aluminum container with IR lighting

Reference DAHUA-185 Model PFH600N

Outdoor plastic and polycarbonate container

Reference SAM-704 Model SAM-704

Cast aluminum outdoor container with top opening lid and cable entry. IP68

Reference SAM-543 Model SAM-543

Outdoor aluminum container. Heater. Dimensions: 390 X 142 x 115 mm. 220 V AC.

Reference SAM-552 Model SAM-552

Outdoor aluminum container. Heater and Fan. Dimensions: 390X142x115 mm. 220V AC.

Reference SAM-551 Model SAM-551

Indoor aluminum container, with side opening and cable entry support. Dimensions: 390X142x115 mm

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