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Reference HYU-560 Model HYU-560

Network and Power supply distributor switch for device connection. 8x RJ45 100Mbps. 6x PonC channels supported. Up to 8 can be connected on cascade.

Reference HYU-557 Model HYU-557

IP video doorphone kit for outdoors + 7" IP touchscreen.

Reference HYU-559 Model HYU-559

IP monitor for indoors with 0,3MP camera. 7" capacitive touchscreen (1024x600).Touch keys. Panic call. Built in microphone and speaker. Fast Ethernet. Alarm: 2 in / 2 out. 12V DC. PonC.

Reference HYU-558 Model HYU-558

IP video doorphone station for outdoors with 1.3MP camera. 1 call button. Mifare proximity reader. Built in microphone and speaker. Fast Ethernet. Alarm: 4 in / 1 out. IP65. 12V DC. PonC.

Reference HYU-162 Model HYU-162

IP video doorphone station, for outdoors. 1.3MP camera, microphone and speaker

Reference HYU-135 Model HYU-135

Additional 7" IP color monitor for HYU-134 kit

Reference HYU-134 Model HYU-134

IP kit: Outdoor video phone door + surface box ount + 7" IP monitor

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