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Reference FOC-723 Model AH-0218

Fire alarm bell 6". Sound output: 93 dB at 1 m. Made of steel and polycarbonate. Terminals accept 2.5mm cables. Low current consumption. EN-54 certified.

Reference FOC-505 Model FOC-505

Low consumption metal bell. Red color. Power 90 dB. 24V / 28 mA

Reference DEM-228 Model AGATHA ROJA

Interior siren of red polycarbonate with pilot. Power supply: 24Vcc. Power 105 dB. Consumption: 200 mA. Measures: 122 x 73 x 43mm. Screen printing possibility on the siren

Reference DEM-221 Model NICOLE

Interior siren WITH RED FLASH. Power supply: 24Vcc. Consumption: 35 mA nominal (52 mA máx.). Power supply: 105 dB

Reference DEM-220 Model CINDY

Interior siren WITHOUT RED FLASH. Power supply: 24V cc. Consumption: 28 mA nominal (45 mA máx.). Power supply: 105 dB

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