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Reference CTD-83N Model CTD-83N

CVI / TVI / AHD passive video transceiver per twisted pair. Up to 400 meters 1080P (CVI).

Reference SAM-4523 Model SAM-4523

HDMI extender ovor coaxial cable up to 300 meters. Composed by transmitter and receiver. Includes current adapter.

Reference SAM-4522 Model SAM-4522

KVM 4K video, audio and data extender over network cable CAT5E/6 up to 100 meters. Composed by transmitter and receiver. Includes current adapter.

Reference SAM-4521 Model SAM-4521

Matrix switch of 4 HDMI input at 2 output groups (HDMI + Coaxial Audio + Audio 3.5 + SPDIF audio).

Reference SAM-4520 Model SAM-4520

HDMI splitter at 16 HDMI outputs. 4K/2K at 30Hz.

Reference SAM-4519 Model SAM-4519

HDMI splitter at 8 HDMI outputs. 4K/2K at 30Hz.

Reference SAM-4518 Model SAM-4518

HDMI splitter with 4 HDMI outputs. Supports 4K / 2K resolutions at 30Hz.

Reference SAM-4517 Model SAM-4517

HDMI Splitter at 2 HDMI output. 4K/2K at 30Hz supported

Reference SAM-4516 Model SAM-4516

4-port KVM switch with HDMI and USB connections with touch switch. USB and PS / 2 interface on the console side. HDMI output. Up to 4K 30Hz. Includes power adapter.

Reference SAM-4515 Model SAM-4515

HDMI signal converter to CVBS composed video signal (RCA) and stereo audio signal (RCA L+R). Input signal supported up to 1080P. PAL and NTSC output signal supported. miniUSB cable included for power.

Reference SAM-4514 Model SAM-4514

Cable converter from HDMI to VGA. HDMI male to VGA female. Plug & Play. Supports HDCP 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3.

Reference SAM-4513 Model SAM-4513

Compound video signal converter CVBS (RCA) and stereo audio signal (RCA L + R) to HDMI signal. Supports PAL and NTSC input signal. Supports output signal up to 1080P. Includes miniUSB cable for power.

Reference SAM-4512 Model SAM-4512

4 channel video and HD audio multiplexor. 4 HDMI inputs at 1 HDMI output. Supports full-screen viewing of video and audio or image division modes in a single display device. Up to 1080P 60Hz. Includes power adapter and infrared remote control.

Reference SAM-4511 Model SAM-4511

USB2.0 extender up to 50 meters via CAT5/5E and CAT6.

Reference CTD-627 Model CTD-627

Passive transceivers of 1 channel HDCV/HDTVI/AHD/CVBS. 2 unit blister. 500 m passive to passive. 650 m passive to active (CTD-494N).

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