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Welcome to a new concept in the distribution  market of electronic security equipments. Bydemes is a clear example of a sustainable business, developed alongside customers and suppliers as an independent distributor, with 100% Spanish capital.

Based in Barcelona, we have a high know-how that allows us to develop security solutions for public and private sector, through a policy firm of investment onn human and technological resources that enables us to become more competitive .

Our business mission is to become the trusted supplier in the security sector, through a range of products and services of exceptional quality, with great capacity to adapt to this changing and globalized sector.

Why choose the products and services of byDemes?

The scenario of the electronic security industry encourages us to improve every day. We are excited to grow through a common good with customers, brands and users, provided by sustainability and learning from the past to be better in the future.

We apply a series of values that enable us to optimize our potential as a company.

Team / We have a multidisciplinary team specialized in the sector and very committed to costumers satisfaction who requires professional treatment.

Leading brands / bydemes select only the best of the leading manufacturers, highlighted by the performance of its products and its quality assurance.

Innovation: Own brands / We raise our competitiveness and minimize acquisition costs with the development of our own products, with brands QUEEN ALARM, and COLOSO AIRSPACE EVOLUTION II.

Quality / Most manufacturers represented by bydemes have implemented the ISO 9000 quality system.

Coverage / Another of our core pillars is the coverage we provide, at national and European level. We complement our proximity to the pre-sales and post-sales satisfaction to endure far beyond the purchase of a product.

Major Projects

“We are one of the European leaders of the industry, with more than 4,500 customers that support our leadership position”


Wide range of cameras and accessories
Recording Systems-control and monitoring.
Advanced IP Solutions.


Central intrusion wired and wireless intrusion sensors
(various technologies)
Radio receivers and accessories


Electronic locks
Systems on-line / off-line integration
Systems presence
Readers and Cards


Analog and conventional systems
Extinguishing systems and CO gases
Sirens, retainers and accessories

byDemes worldwide

Spain. Portugal. France. Italy
United Kingdom. Belgium. Switzerland. Greece
Finland. Morocco. Algeria. Angola

We approach projects of integrated security systems management for various technologies. From initial customer request from our technical department, we define each element to provide an effective response, with all the added value of bydemes.


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