Installation Boxes / Covers

CONAC-715 Model: ME-1515

Box for installation of AC-825IP controller and expansion cards of AC series CONAC-756 (R-805), CONAC-757 (S-805), CONAC-627 (D-805), CONAC-758 (P-805)

- Box for installation of the AC-825IP controller and expansion cards of the AC series CONAC-756 (R-805), CONAC-757 (S-805), CONAC-627 (D-805), CONAC-758 (P-805)
- Capability for one AC-825IP controller or two x-805 expansion cards
- It has a universal power plug (UPS) with a standard plug C14 for the power supply of the VAC switch, as well as a speaker loudspeaker for carillon, bell and siren
- It has a DC supply management board with charger for a 12 V / 7Ah lead-acid battery and power supply output
- Dimensions: 346 x 404 x 101 mm
- Weight: 4.6 kg


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