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CONAC-721 Model: UL3-BT-SN

Autonomous door opening system with intelligent ANVIZ lock. Identification by fingerprints, code or Bluetooth 4.0 through your smartphone. Touchpad with anti-peep system. Up to 95 tracks and 95 codes. Autonomous, it is powered by 3 AA batteries. Extra security functions.


- Can be used with wet or dry fingers
- Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity: your smartphone is now your key, simply unlock your door with the Ultraloq application from your smartphone
- Anti-peep technology: xxx + password + xxx (prevents the password from being viewed by third parties, just enter the correct password embedded in a random combination)
- Fingerprint identification in less than 0.5 seconds
- Hidden backrest mechanical lock on the bottom, three key copies, ideal against computer sabotage
- Activate immediately by touch sensor or biometric reader
- Use the touch screen to add or delete users on the device, the OLED screen will guide you through the whole process
- Three modes of locking: automatic relocking, privacy locking and free passage


- Fingerprint Optical Sensor
- Scanning area: 22.9 x 17.8 mm 
- Resolution of 500 DPI
- Up to 95 fingerprints
- Up to 95 codes
- Automatic activation by touch
- Access by footprint, code or Bluetooth 4.0
- Identification time of > 0.5 seconds
- FRR 0.001%
- FAR 0.00001%
- Reversible handle
- Finished in satin nickel (available in aged bronze finish, on request)
- Powered at 4.5V for 3 AA batteries included
- Operating temperature of the external part of -35 ° C ~ + 70 ° C
- Operating temperature of the internal part of -10 ° C ~ + 55 ° C
- Dimensions of the front panel: 89 x 160 x 178 mm
- Rear panel dimensions: 84 x 160 x 78 mm
- Weight: 2.5 kg
- For door thicknesses between 35 and 44 mm


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