Vehicle Control

CONAC-731N Model: AY-U920BT

Long reading range (12 meters) of UHF-RFID credentials and Bluetooth BLE-ID™



Unique UHF-RFID credential reader with Rosslare BLE-ID™ credential read capability (for both iOS and Android). Installers can configure a wide range of operating parameters using our Rosslare BLE-Admin™ app.

The UHF read mode is ISO18000-6C (EPC GEN2) compliant. The reader is suitable for outdoor use in a wide range of RFID applications such as access control, transport management, vehicle management, car parking, and production process control, and works with almost every third-party controller.



  • Reading range up to 12 meters (adjustable, reading range tested with CONAC-733 cards (LT-UVS-26A-3000)
  • BLE-ID™  reading range up to 12 meters (adjustable, reading range tested with an iPhone7 and Huawei P10)
  • Compatible cards and tags: CONAC-733 (LT-UVS-26A-3000), CONAC-734 (LT-UVH-26A-7000)
  • Frequency via radio of 868MHz
  • Bluetooth frequency 2,402 ~ 2,480 GHz
  • Reading sensitivity: Dual polarization reading mode
  • Transmission protocol Wiegand 26-Bit
  • Includes a kit with installation support and flexible 5 meter cable
  • Moderate weather resistance (IP54) (it is recommended to install indoors and seal when installing)
  • Maximum cable distance: 150 meters on Wiegand mode, 1000 meters RS485 on OSDP mode
  • Working temperature -20°C ~ +80°C
  • RH: 0% ~ 95% (without condensation)
  • Power supply 9 ~ 12V DC
  • Amperage consumption of 200 mA in standby and 1.2A in reading
  • Dimensions 445 (An) x 445 (Al) x 67 (Prof) mm
  • Weight: 2,3 kg

For an effective UHF transmission it is recommended to use cards or tags installed on the outside of vehicles to overcome the radio frequency shielding that includes all modern moons.



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