Autonomous Reader

CONAC-765 Model: CONAC-765

Autonomous vandal-proof keyboard for 1 door. EM 125KHz and Mifare 13.56MHz. IP65.

- The 125 KHz EM card and the HID card can be read simultaneously
- 13.56 MHz IC card and CPU card
- Maximum reading distance EM card: ≤5cm
- Maximum reading distance HID card: ≤5cm
- Card reader mode, interlock mode and demo mode switch
- Reading card with PIN and multiple card reading function
- Supports cards and PIN with super powers to open the door
- New cards are added after reading the administrator card
- Cards are deleted after reading the administrator card
- Anti-coercion card: local security function after reading the administrator card
- Authorization card: authorize new card after reading the administrator card
- Normal open card: long-term normal door open with card
- Support card configuration for quick access to the administration menu
- The number of card users can be added up to 20,000 units, the management card can add up to 21 units
- The "#" key can be used as a bell button
- IP65 rating
- Operating voltage of 10V ~ 28V DC / AC
- Consumption at rest: ≤35mA (12V DC)
- Consumption in active: ≤100mA (12V DC)
- Operating temperature of -40 ° C ~ + 60 ° C
- Humidity of operation of 0% ~ 95%


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