CONAC-814 Model: AYC-Q6355

ROSSLARE keyboard with CSN SELECT ™ convertible smart card reader. 5 cm reading range. Read all card formats.



The CONAC-814 (AYC-Q6355) is a detector belonging to the family of contactless multi-card reader smart technology (13.56 MHz) with backlit keypad for use in access control system solutions that includes Rosslare convertible technology . Readers have the ability to read the card serial number (CSN) and various RFID smart card standards including ISO14443A / B, ISO15693, ISO18092, it is ideal for the transition from one technology to another. UV resistant, with IP65 category and elegant and modern design. Readers are appropriate for indoor or outdoor installation environments.



  • Reader with standard CSN Wiegand data output (selectable Wiegand output formats using the CS-HCT hardware configuration tool)
  • It has eight keyboard transmission formats, selectable locally through keyboard programming
  • Mounting options include electrical box from USA, UK and Asia
  • 5 cm reading range
  • Dimensions: 76 (W) x 120 (H) x 21.5 mm
  • Weight: 430 g
  • It has Rosslare convertible technology
  • NFC compatible with Android smartphones via App for emulation of host card (HCE)
  • Read the CSN of the following smart cards:

ISO14443A - MIFARE® Ultralight® Nano / Ultralight EV1 / Ultralight C
- MIFARE Classic® / Classic EV1
- MIFARE Plus® S / SE / X / EV1
- NFC N-TAG / Card emulation
ISO14443B - China National ID
ISO 15693 - HID® iClass®, PicoPass, iCode, LEGIC
ISO18092 - SONY® FeliCa® (Hong Kong Octopus)

Professional functions

  • Elegant and modern design
  • Addressable OSDP connectivity, up to 32 addresses using DIP switches
  • Customizable control and status lines using the CSN card configuration tool for DR-6255
  • Two tri-color LED operation
  • Tamper optic wall tamper
  • Blue backlit keyboard with power saving options (On, Off, Dim)
  • Rated IP65, it is made of UV resistant polycarbonate plastic
  • Comes with template and installation kit for simple assembly


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