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DAHUA-1373 Model: DAHUA-1373

Solar panel power system for CCTV systems. Kit composed of 2 30W solar panels, 30A controller and 4 150Ah batteries to power an uninterrupted load of about 50-60W during 3 days of rain (1 IP camera and 1 PTZ dome).

- Solar panel solution for PTZ camera and dome on pole with 3 days autonomy
- Power supply to 48V DC to install a PoE Switch (not included)
- 2x 30W solar panels (Polysilicon, Aluminum and tempered glass) IP65
- 1 controller 48V up to 30A and protection system for over-current and spikes
- 1 weather box to house the electronics in SUS201 of 50 x 40 x 20cm, IP65
- 4 gel batteries of 12V DC 150Ah (80% depth discharge> 1200 cycles) with 3 years free of maintenance
- 2 IP66 PVC boxes to bury 2 + 2 Gel batteries
- Pole bracket for 2 solar panels with adjustable orientation
- Does not include converter to another type of power supply type 12V DC or 230V AC
- Ideal for powering bullet camera, PTZ dome, a PoE Switch and a wireless access point in locations without wired power
- 24/7 power supply with a maximum of 3 days of autonomy for a consumption of less than 60W (* recommended study) with daily sunlight of about 6 hours

Recommended equipment to work with the DAHUA-1373 Kit:
- DAHUA-983 (PC-HFW8231E-Z): Camera bullet
- DAHUA-1260 (SD6CE230U-HNI): PTZ Dome
- DAHUA-1197 (PFL2106-4ET-96): Switch PoE
- DAHUA-1385 (PFM881E): WiFi Antenna

Recommended personalized study. The values ​​can change depending on the HSP index (Peak Sun Hours) of the installation.




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