Modular Core Switches

DAHUA-1423 Model: S7602

Switch 4U high-end multi-service central. Switching of 5.12Tbps / 12.8Tbps. 2 service slots. Redundancy of power supplies and main control panels. Supports IPv4 and IPv6 routing. Supports multi-diffusion, ACL and QoS.


The DH S7600 series switches are designed based on 40G and 100G platforms, and support a variety of Ethernet interfaces, including 1000M optical interfaces, 1000M electrical interfaces, 10G optical interfaces, 10G electrical interfaces, 40G interfaces, and 100G interfaces, which meet multi-level link bandwidth requirements of users. The DH S7600 series comply with the "Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)", and therefore, are green and environment-friendly routing switches. The DH S7600 series includes two models: S7606 (with eight slots) and S7602 (with four slots), and supports main controller redundancy. The DH S7600 series can be widely applied in multiple network environments, including the core layer and convergence layer of metropolitan networks, data centers, and campus networks, providing users with industry solutions that integrate security and switching components, integrate wired and wireless components, and integrate active and passive components

- Using the Intelligent Resilient Framework 2 (IRF2) as the system foundation of the virtualization software system
- Supporting technologies required by cloud data centers, for example, TRILL, EVB, and FCoE
- Fully compatible with 40GE and 100GE Ethernet standards
-  Integrating multiple network services such as IPv6, network security, wireless control, and passive optical networks
-  Providing multiple high availability technologies such as non-stop forwarding, non-stop upgrade, graceful restart, and ring network protection. This improves production efficiency of users and ensures a maximum normal operation time of the network, thereby lowering the total costs of ownership (TCOs) for customers

- Switching capacity: 5,12Tbps / 12,8Tbps
- IPv4 packet forwarding rate 9: 960Mbps / 2400Mbps
- 2 slots
- Redundancy of power sources and main control boards
- IPv4 and IPv6 routing
- Multi-difusion supported, ACL and QoS
- Security mechanisms: FTP, TFTP, SNMP, RMON
- Reliability: CPU protection, VRRP, RPR, DLCP
- Working temperature: 0°C ~ +45°C
- RH: 10% ~ 95% (without condensation)
- DC power supply: 48V ~ 60V DC
- AC power supply: 100V ~ 290V AC
- Dimensions: 436 x 420 x 175 mm
- Weight: ≤27 kg


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