Traffic & License Plate Control

DAHUA-354 Model: ITC302-GVRB3A

Special camera for LPR. 1/1,8” CCD, 3MP. H.264. 3MP (2048x1536). 6 loop. Alarm: 1 input loop / 1 output loop . SD slot. 1 RS485, 1 RS232. 24V AC.

- CCD 1/1,8” CCD with high color reducibility, high sensitivity
- Digital resolution: 3MP (2048x1536)
- 25 frames per second
- C mount, DC autoiris (lens not included)
- Video output: 1 CVBS / 1 HD-SDI
- ARM+DSP double processor
- H.264
- DSP TI DaVinci processor
- Embedded integration component design, built-in a variety of algorithms, such as License Plate Recognition, Color Recognition, velocity measurement by video and so on
- Input/output loop: 6 loop, optocoupler input (switch)
- Alarm input: 1 loop, optocoupler input (switch)
- Alarm output: 1 relay output loop
- Wiper controller output: 1 loop, relay output
- External frequency source synchronous input: 1 loop
- LED Light Synchronization Interface: 1 loop, Frequency can be set
- Flash Lamp Synchronization Interface: 5 loop, Optocoupler signal output
- Remote Control Function: Support, through Web client config and control
- OSD information superimposed: Support, Information of the picture include time and place (channel address), Lane information (number,/direction), plate information(license plate and color), vehicle information (speed, vehicle length, body color and the type of vehicle), Illegal (illegal event name and the illegal code) and so on.
- 1 RS232 serial port,3 Radar serial(RS232),serial port, 1 Vehicle inspection / signal detector port(RS485)
- Network interface: Ethernet (10/100M)
- SD card slot (not included)
- Power supply: 24V AC, 15W
- Working temperature: -30°C ~ +70°C
- RH: 10%~90%
- Dimensions: 176 x 90 x 85 mm
- Weight: 1,3 kg


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