Videowall Matrix & Accesories

DAHUA-592 Model: M70-4U-E

Multi-service Matrix Platform, 4K resolution. 320 channel @ 1080p. Video capture, storage and playback on one or more monitors depends on the expansion cards connected inside the server (not included). 10 PCI Express I / O expansion ports. Up to 48 HDD in Raid. 6 RJ45 ports Gigabit.4 RS232 ports. 1 RS485 port. 4U Rack

- Powerful image server, capture, recording and image display on a set of monitors
- Resolution : D1~4K
- Allows the assembly of multiple monitors in parallel and the display of video in real time in all of them to rescaled resolution
- Management of up to 320 1080P channels at 30 fps and their distribution in several independent monitors or connected in parallel for the supervision of wide scope surveillance projects 
- Video capture, storage and playback on one or more monitors depends on the expansion cards connected inside the server 

- 4K multiservice videowall matrix
- Intel Core processor (4 core)
- Embedded Linux O/S 
- PCI Express internal bus
- 2 PCI Express ports, for basic functionality
- 10 PCI Express ports for video input or output controllers
- Redundant power supply source with temperature vent
- Integrated video input on the device via IP, up to 2048 inputs
- Video capture of IP cameras, DVR, NVS, NVR, HCVR via network
- Graphical processing for up to 20 gigapixels per second (the number of simultaneous channels that can be deployed per monitor, its resolution and refresh rate will depend on the installed output expansion card)
- Supports analog inputs, HDMI, DVI, VGA, according to the card installed (the number of analogue or digital channels (DVI) that can be captured, its resolution and refresh rate depends on the installed input expansion card)
- Supports up to 48 hard drives in RAID up to 4TB each (storage capacity and fault tolerance due to redundancy will depend on the installed RAID controller card)
- Can be controlled in local or remote mode, using Smart PSS
- It has 6 RJ45 ports 10/100 / 1000M
- It has 4 RS232 ports and 1 RS485 port
- Installed in a 4U rack
- Does not include expansion cards


SAT 3/18/2019 3:36:26 PM
Apreciado cliente, si, lo puede controlar desde el joystick IP DAHUA-1309. Un saludo.
SEBAS 8/6/2018 3:21:21 PM
Quisiera saber si esta matriz se puede controlar mediante un joystick ip.

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