Kits Vaelsys


Datacenter counter kit composed by: 1x compact device for statistic display SAM-4466 (DCNTR-MIN), 1x people counter sensor OPTEX-152 (VC-1020E).

Vaelsys    Optex     HYUNDAI



  • 1x SAM-4466 (DCNTR-MIN):
    • Low consumption compact device for statistic display
    • Includes data feed 
    • Expandable up to 16 additional devices
    • Remote access from browser or mobile
    • Temporal graphics (daily, weekly, etc.)
    • Addition of various devices
    • Multi-user
  • 1x OPTEX-152 (VC-1020E):
    • People counter sensor based on 3D video for indoors
    • Auto data transfer via  TCP / IP in format XML or TXT
    • Third party analysis software / building occupation
    • Multidirectional traffic count in real time (input / output - left / right / straight)
    • Follows complicated movements (people stopped, turns backwards, crowds)
    • Simple configuration with preconfigured multiple mount area settings
    • Recognition of object shapes, direction recognition and 3D deformation
    • Sensor not easily affected by shadows or sunlight
    • Transmission of live video with remote access to the web
    • Data storage up to 30 days
    • Large counting area of up to 5 meters
    • Installation height of up to 6 meters (by license key)
    • Easy to install, configure, manage and maintain
    • Simple web-based configuration interface


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