Embedded magnetic contacts

DEM-1078 Model: MC 270-10

Magnetic contact of high security, to embed, NC, 10 meters of cable. 3rd grade.

Universal magnetic contact with NC function for high security installations, it can be used both in alarm systems and in access control, to secure doors and windows against unauthorized opening. The connector is specially designed for use in banks, museums, art galleries, shops, etc. Both the contact and the magnetic piece are made of metal, with a screw shape, which allows easy assembly in wood or plastic.

- Magnetic contact to embed
- Anti-sabotage
- GAP: 20/2 mm
- Relay output: NC (normally closed)
- Working temperature: -40 ° C ~ + 70 ° C
- Degree of protection: IP67
- Magnet dimensions: Ø11 x 37 mm
- Contact dimensions: Ø11 x 37 mm
- 10 meters of cable


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