Power supply

DEM-1080 Model: DEM-1080

Switching power supply 12V, 1.5A. Space for an 18Ah backup battery. Overload protection. Power failure outputs, battery fault and general fault. Front and rear tamper. 3rd grade.


- Switching power supply 12V, 1.5A
- Designed to provide a complete and flexible solution for Grade 3 alarm systems
- High level of quality and reliability
- Box size that provides the space required for backup battery
- Two LED indicators, showing network presence, battery charge or fault condition
- Built-in intelligent battery management: full discharge protection, battery fault detection, high charge efficiency
- The power supply protection is standard and includes the transient filtering network, electronic output overload protection and fuses at the load and battery outputs
- Output 13.8V
- High-efficiency switched technology
- Energy efficiency: Energy saving, longer product life, less tendency to fail
- Total charge availability plus extra charge for the battery
- Internal status LED
- Overload protection
- Electronic overload protection
- Front and rear protection cover
- Fault outputs: EPS fault (power failure), APS fault (fault of battery), fault PSU (general fault)
- Power input of 100V ~ 240V AC
- Operating voltage of 90V ~ 264V AC
- Output of 13.8V DC
- Maximum current of 1.5A
- Capacity for 1 18Ah battery
- Operating temperature -10 ° C ~ 40 ° C
- Relative humidity of 75%
- Dimensions: 330 x 355 x 80 mm
- Weight: 3.8 kg


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