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DEM-1272 Model: DEM-1272

Roll of 100 meters of pyrofren SOZ1-K (AS +) V-500 cable of 2x1,5 mm², RJ cased / screened

Shielded cable with intrinsic fire resistance intended for safety circuits. Manufactured with EI2 crosslinked elastomer insulation, screened with aluminum / polyester tape plus tinned wood drainage and thermoplastic polyolefin outer shell. SOZ1-K (AS +) cables comply with fire safety regulations and their side effects. Manufactured according to the criteria of standard UNE 211025.

Conductor: flexible polished copper Class 5 (s / UNE-EN 60228)
Insulation: crosslinked elastomer type EI2 (s / EN-50363-1)
Formation: Conductors wired in concentric layers
Wired pass: 15 turns approximately meter
Separator: polyester tape
Drainage: 0.50 mm² flexible tinned copper (s / UNE-EN 60228)
Display: aluminum / polyester tape
Housing: thermoplastic polyolefin type TM7 (s / EN-50363-8)
Usual color: red
Rated voltage: 300/500 V
Test voltage: 2,000 V
Temp. Operating temperature: -15 ° C ~ + 90 ° C


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