Inertial and piezoelectric detectors

DEM-1277 Model: CD 550

Shock detector for ceiling, wall, frames, windows, floor and door frames


The DEM-1277 (CD 550) Shock Detector mounts on various objects providing their reliable protection. The DEM-1277 (CD 550) detects and indicates any attempt to break into the object using tools applied with much power, or even explosives.

This detector senses momentary high amplitude vibrations. It includes a programmable event counter which
makes the detector trip an alarm once the pre-programmed number of events (1, 2, 3 or 4) have occurred.
Still the detection of an explosion trips an alarm regardless of the number of the counted events.

The DEM-1277 (CD 550) mounts on elastic, multi-element structures (e.g. window / door frames and casings) and on brick walls one might attempt to penetrate using a blunt instrument applied with much power. For mounting on concrete or concrete-like surfaces use preferably the special MP 550 mounting plate. When installing outdoors or in cold rooms use the WH 550 housing protecting against severe weather conditions.

The DEM-1277 (CD 550) is based on an advanced signal processing algorithm microcontroller offering digital processing of the recorded events which translates into operation reliability and immunity to ambient interferences.

The desired sensitivity of the DEM-1277 (CD 550) is selected by DIPswitch. The effective adjustment can be verified with the CT 400 which simulates real attack vibrations. The impact power it uses remains always at the same level.

- Contact function: Normally Closed (NC)
- Supply voltage: 8 - 15 VDC
- Current draw (standby): 5.5 mA @ 12 V, 6 mA @ 24 V
- Current draw (alarm): 6 mA @ 12 V, 6.5 mA @ 24 V
- Contact rating: 35 VDC / 100 mA
- Alarm indication: LED
- Tamper protection / Rating: Yes / 35 VDC / 50mA
- Connection: Screw terminals
- Housing material: ABS plastic
- Colour: White
- Operating temperature range: -10 - +70°C
- Housing protection class: IP 42
- Dimensions (L x W x H) mm: 80 x 23 x 20


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