Crystal Break Detectors

DEM-1282 Model: AD 800

Acoustic Glass Break Detector Grade 2.




AD 800 is a new generation of acoustic glass break detector meets the requirements for grade 2 of the new standard EN 50131-2-7-2:2013, corresponding to the recommendations for high security installations.

The detector is designed to acoustically detect intrusion attempts into a protected area by breakage of a window or glass pane. The detector is based on the latest microprocessor technology and has a number of advanced algorithms connected to the acoustics of the room (Digital Room Compensation, DRC). Thanks to these algorithms, the detector can distinguish a glass breakage signal from other interferences and boasts high immunity to false alarms.

Intended for indoor installation, the device can be mounted either on a ceiling or wall, opposite to the protected glass. The detection range spans 165°, which means that one detector can monitor multiple windows in a room. The detector is able to detect standard, tempered and laminated glass.

Note: Avoid mounting the detector in the corner of a room, close to louver windows and ventilation grills.



  • Range: 9 meters of radius /165°
  • Certificates: EN 50131-2-7-1:2013 Grade 2, VdS G117503, class B , SBSC 16-675 Class 1/2, INCERT, F&P, FG
  • Recommended glass surface: Float glass 4 mm, laminated P2,P4 (4 mm + 4mm)
  • Maximum glass surface: 6 x 6 mm
  • Supply voltage: 7V ~ 30V DC
  • Current consumption: 12 mA @ 12 V, 7,3 mA @ 24 V
  • Alarm output: Relay NC 50 mA, 50 V DC /peak AC , ≤30 Ω
  • Contact rating: Relay, NC 50 mA, 50 V DC/ peak AC
  • Alarm indication: LED
  • Tamper: Yes / max. 48V DC /50 mA
  • Connection: Screw terminals
  • Working temperature: +5°C ~ +40°C
  • Housing material: ABS plastic
  • Color: White
  • Housing protection class: IP31
  • Dimensions: 68 (L) x 40 (W) x 109 (H) mm


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