Embedded magnetic contacts

DEM-54-G2 Model: DEM-54-G2

Magnetic contact for embedded mount. Brass external case. Operative distance of Y aperture/closure of 10/6 mm. Operative distance of Z aperture/closure of 11/6 mm.. Alnic magnet 5. EN50131-2-6 Grade 2, Class III.


  • Magnetic contact for embedded mount
  • Designed for being embedded on wood door or window frames 
  • Brass external case
  • Aperture distance Y on non-ferromagnetic material of 10 mm 
  • Closure distance Y on non-ferromagnetic material of 6 mm
  • Aperture distance Z on non-ferromagnetic material of 11 mm
  • Closure distance Z  on non-ferromagnetic material of 6 mm
  • Alnic 5 magnet
  • Cable hoose 4x0,18 de 2 meters
  • Working temperature -30°C ~ +70°C
  • Dimensions: Ø8 x 33 mm
  • EN50131-2-6 Grade 2 Class III


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