Embedded magnetic contacts

DEM-673 Model: MC 255

Magnetic contact with rotative screw, 2 m cable

- High security universal magnetic contact with NC function and halogen free
- Can be used in alarm and security doors, gates and windows to avoid intrusions
- Rotative screw that protects from mechanical cable worn
- Specially indicated for banks, museums, galleries, shops, etc...
- The magnet and the contact are matellic and have a screw design that ease wood and plastic installation
- Cable connection
- Diameter: 9-10
- Neodymium magnet (NdFeB)
- 20 mm GAP on non magnetic materials(typical value)
- Electric connection: 48V CC /500 mA /10 VA
- Anti sabotage
- Metallic color
- Working temperature: -40°C ~ +70°C
- IP67
- Connector dimensions: Ø23 x 11 mm
- Magnet dimensions: Ø22 x 11 mm
- EN50131-2-6 Grado 3


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