Inertial and piezoelectric detectors

DEM-679 Model: CD 500-R

Programmable shock detector with magnetic contact

- Shock detector with magnetic contact
- Can be used on doors and windows to provide double protection
- The detector is designed to protect the building elements and detects any attempt to intrude with tools that generate vibrations and explosions
- It also detects vibrations of great amplitude and short duration
- It has a digital signal processor (DSP) with a second detection algorithm
- High detection capacity and high immunity to environmental noise
- The detector has 4 selectable preset sensitivity levels
- Includes a vibration counter channel (selectable from 1 to 4 vibrations) that triggers an alarm after the chosen number of vibrations has been exceeded
- The blast channel cancels the counter channel regardless of the number of vibrations and sensitivity settings
- The shock sensor can be used in materials with multiple parts, such as window and door frames, brick walls and other materials where excessive use of force used for intrusion
- In difficult environments, outdoors or indoors, in a special enclosure, it must be installed with the housing DEM-680 which has an internal heater that guarantees a correct temperature and humidity for the proper operation of the detector

- Input voltage: 8 ~ 15V DC
- Amperage consumption: 8 mA (10 mA on alarm)
- Alarm output: NC (35V DC / 100 mA)
- Indication of alarm: LED
- Tamper output: 35V DC / 50mA
- Connection: Clema
- Housing: ABS plastic white
- Operating temperature: -10 ° C ~ + 70 ° C
- Degree of protection IP42
- Dimensions: 80 x 23 x 20 mm


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