Seismic Detectors

DEM-682 Model: VD 500

Advanced Seismic Detector

- Seismic detector that offers a very reliable and resistant protection against false alarms, for steel and cement surfaces, as well as in armeros, file cabinets, walls safe and of cement, and other surfaces with few joints
- Useful against attack with explosives and mechanical theft tools like diamond drills, circular saws, grinders and thermal tools
- Includes three independent detection channels and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) which is an advanced signal processing algorithm, this means that the detector has the ability to detect high and high immunity to environmental disturbances
- The 3 independent detection channels are: integration channel (detection of weak signals), channel counter (up to 4 events) and the burst channel (detects strong signals with short duration)
- The sensitivity and the type of object to be protected are selected through the DIP switches
- The detector is small in size, this makes it also suitable for installation where space is limited
- It is very important to mount the detector firmly to the surface and make sure there are no joints in the material
- For cement and brick wall applications always use the MP 500 mounting plate with its screws and the anchor bolt
- In difficult environments, outdoors or indoors, in a special enclosure, it must be installed with the housing DEM-680 which has an internal heater that guarantees a correct temperature and humidity for the proper operation of the detector
- Used in difficult environments, outdoors, indoors or in a special enclosure
- It is equipped with a visual alarm indicator (LED), a temperature sensor that will sound the alarm at 98 ° C and tamper against sabotage

- Input voltage: 9 ~ 15V DC
- Amperage consumption: 7.5 mA (10 mA in alarm)
- Alarm output: NC (35V DC / 100 mA)
- Indication of alarm: LED
- Tamper output: 35V DC / 50mA
- Connection: Clema
- Gray metal housing
- Operating temperature: -40 ° C ~ + 70 ° C
- Degree of protection IP43
- Dimensions: 86 x 41 x 23 mm


Achraf 3/20/2019 4:53:58 PM
Estimado cliente Puede encontrar el certificado de conformidad con el grado 3 del fabricante en nuestra página web, entrando en el artículo y dentro de la pestaña manuales y certificados. reciba atentamente un cordial saludo
Javier 12/23/2018 3:08:27 PM
Buenos días He instalado este Detector Sísmico en un sístema de G3 Observo que no tiene certificado ¿Mi instalación cumple normativa G3 con este elemento instalado en la misma? Gracias

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