Visual Indicators

FOC-555 Model: FOC-555

Universal mounting plate with fire alarm indicator light. Two switchable visual covers (C-3-12 and C-3-15). 24V DC. EN-54-23: 2010

- Universal mounting plate with fire alarm indicator light
- Fits any standard detector base, providing a viewing area 3 meters high and 15 meters in diameter (C-3-15)
- Low power LED technology
- Simple to install
- Switchable to C-3-12 coverage if energy saving is required
- Flash frequency of 0.5Hz
- Installation Environment: Interior Type A VAD
- Installation installation pitch: 52.5 to 62.5 mm
- Cable connection: 2.5mm² section
- Terminal connection: 4 terminals ++ / -
- Synchronization: Accuracy within 50mS over a period of 30 minutes
- Power supply: 18V ~ 30V DC
- Rated voltage: 24V DC
- Consumption: 36 mA @ C-3-12, 46 mA @ C-3-15
- Dimensions: 147 x 132 x 38 mm
- Complies with EN-54-23: 2010


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