Power Supply

FOC-559 Model: K406

Switching power supply / charger. Complies with EN54-4

- Developed using switched-mode technology to produce an efficient and light power unit for a range of fire alarm applications
- Monitoring features include battery detection, low battery warning, battery overcharge warning and low battery power off
- These features, combined with the temperature compensated charge output, will increase the life of sealed lead acid batteries
- Supply voltage of 230V AC (+10% / - 15%)
- Voltage output: 27.5V DC (temperature compensation)
- Continuous output of 5.25 amps
- Battery charging current of 1.25 amps (maximum)
- Charging current of 4 amps (with flat battery)
- Fault output: 50 mA
- Mains fuse: 3 amps, 20 mm, HRC
- 5 amp fuse with automatic reset
- Integral failure control
- Microprocessor controlled
- Charger with temperature compensation
- Wide input power supply
- Battery off to prevent full battery discharge
- Operating temperature -5 ° C ~ + 50 ° C
- Dimensions: 226 x 120 x 55 mm
- Weight: 900 g
- Construction totally closed
- Small and light
- Aluminum base with sheet steel cover
- Epoxy coating finish
- Complies with EN54-4


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