Hochiki FIREwave Via Radio

FOC-597 Model: RSM-WTM

Wireless Translator Module to wired analog. 2 way. 868 MHz. Hochiki ESP protocol. Up to 32 devices via radio on an analog loop.


- Fully intelligent wired to wireless Translator Module.
- Completely compatible with the Hochiki ESP protocol, the module allows the use of fully intelligent radio (wireless) field devices alongside standard hard wired devices.
- The Translator Module allows the connection of up to 32 radio field devices to an addressable fire detection loop.
- Multiple Translators can be used on a system providing the system has sufficient loop addresses avaliable.
- Each radio field device takes a loop address making them fully intelligent and their radio connectivity transparent to the end user.
- System parameters are programmed via the Translator Module and a PC link.
- The Translator Module automatically manages detector radiated power depending on the device communication quality.
- The module is housed in an IP65 housing making it suitable for mounting in wet environments and outdoors.
- The unit is fitted with two orthogonal antennae which reduce radio fade and ensure reliable radio communication
- Communication range with the field devices: 100 m (open space)
- Communication with FOC-598 Expander Module: 200 m (open space)
- Operating frequency: 916 MHz
- Modulation type: Frequency Shift Keying
- Number of operating channels: 7
- Time period between wireless signal transmissions: from 12 seconds to 2 minutes
- Operating temperature range: -30 °C to +50 °C
- Radiated power: 0.01 - 10 mW
- Current consumption: 38 mA
- Operating voltage: 15 - 42 V dc
- IP Rating: IP65
- Dimensions (mm): H160 (240 with antenna) x W120 (200 with antenna) x D50

Important note: Before installing the equipment via radio in any analog installation, a field test must be done with the FOC-609 test kit



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