Hochiki FIREwave Via Radio

FOC-599 Model: RSM-IP

Wireless Single Channel Input Module. Bidirectional. 868 MHz. IP65


- The RSM-IP is a Single Channel Input Module providing a convenient and cost effective solution for monitoring and controlling third party equipment.
- Module parameters are programmed via the Translator Module (RSM-WTM) which then automatically manages radiated power depending on the device communication quality.
- All modules can then adjust their frequency and radiated power in accordance with the signal quality received from the Translator Module.
- The unit is mounted in a protective IP65 housing for mounting in hostile conditions and to enable the termination of fire protected cabling.
- The module allows the connection of third party equipment to the fire system via the monitored input circuit.
- The module is also controllable from the Fire Control Panel via the cause and effect programming and offers the same level of flexibility as a standard addressable module.
- Communication range with Translator Module: 150 m (open space)
- Operating frequency: 868 - 870 MHz
- Modulation type: Frequency Shift Keying
- Number of operating channels: 7
- Time period between wireless signal transmissions: From 12 seconds to 2 minutes 
- Power supply (dual 3V lithium batteries): 1 x Primary Cell (CR123A) 1 x Secondary Cell (CR2032A)
- Operating temperature range: -10 °C to +55 °C
- Radiated power: 0.01 - 3 mW
- IP Rating: IP65
- Dimensions (mm) H87 x W87 x D23 


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