Hochiki FIREwave Via Radio

FOC-601 Model: ROD-E

Wireless Smoke Sensor. Bidirectional. 868MHz. Batteries and mount base included. EN54


- FIREwave photoelectric smoke detector via radio
- Bi-directional radio communication
- Radio Frequency 868MHz
- Radio range with respect to the translator module FOC-597: Up to 150 meters in open field
- Patented smoke chamber design
- Adaptive signal processing to help eliminate false alarms
- Totally intelligent
- Auto Channel Skip
- Self-optimized radio amplitude and frequency
- The parameters are programmed via the FOC-597 translator module via a PC link
- The translation module automatically manages the radiated energy of the device depending on the communication quality
- Each unit can automatically adjust its frequency and radiated power output according to the signal quality received from the translator module
- Powered by two 3V lithium batteries (1 CR123A primary battery and 1 CR2032A secondary battery)
- 15 mA power consumption
- Long battery life
- Operating temperature -30 ° C ~ + 50 ° C
- Dimensions: Ø110 x 65 mm
- Includes mounting base
- Complies with EN54

Important Note: Before installing the equipment via radio in any analog installation a field test must be done with the FOC-609 test kit


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