Power Supply

FOC-611 Model: FOC-611

24V /2A power supply. EN54-4 certified.

- Power supply oriented as an auxiliary component for powering elements and devices that are part of fire detection and alarm systems
- It has monitoring relay and status indicators (network, batteries, outputs and charger)
- Input voltage range: 195V ~ 255V AC, 50 / 60Hz
- 2 power outputs with a voltage range of 20V ~ 28V DC
- Maximum output current of 2A (between both outputs) with battery charge disabled and 1.2A charging batteries
- Operating from batteries, the power supply is capable of supplying 2.5A
- Space for 2 batteries of 12V DC / 20Ah (380 x 175 x 90 mm)
- Charging current of 0.8A batteries
- 24 mA control circuit consumption
- Maximum resistance of the batteries of 1.5 Ohms
- Fault relay: C, NC, NA; maximum 30V DC / 1A
- 4A mains fuse
- 4A Battery Fuse
- Degree of protection IP30
- Dimensions: 400 x 350 x 100 mm
- Certified by laboratory according to EN54-4


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