Analog Centrals

FOC-624 Model: MH80162M2

Analog Fire Central for marine environment Kentec Syncro As of 2 loops and 127 Hochiki elements addressable by loop.

- Analogue Fire Panel for marine environment Kentec Syncro Ace of 2 loops
- 127 Hochiki protocol elements addressable by loop
- 2 supervised and programmable siren circuits
- Programmable relays of fire, alarm and fault relay
- 1 programmable function button
- RS232 and RS485 connections
- With network connection and the possibility to connect up to 64 network exchanges
- Network card not included
- Sub-loop for Syncro cards for maneuvers by RS485
- 5 remote control inputs
- Day / night programming
- Extensive cause and effect programming
- 3A power supply
- Dimensions: 385 x 310 x 90 mm
- Weight: 8 kg
- Certified for marine environments


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