Extinction Accessories

FOC-634 Model: K1823-10

Sigma A-XT extinguishing abort switch for surface installation. Red color.


The Sigma A-XT termination abort switch is connected to the Abort terminals of the Sigma A-XT panel. Any number of Sigma A-XT Abort switches can be connected to the circuit.

The last switch must have the end of line device of the Abortion circuit terminals of the Sigma A-XT release panel installed through its connections to provide open circuit and short circuit supervision.

The unit is supplied mounted in a sturdy steel cabinet, but can also be recessed into a single-gang electrical box.

- Construction: 1.2 mm sheet steel
- Degree of protection: IP30
- Red color
- Switch rating: 1A to 30V DC
- Shooting resistance: 470R 1W
- End of line resistance: 6K81 / 2W
- Dimensions: 98 x 98 x 59 mm


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