Extinction Accessories

FOC-635 Model: K13470M10

Sigma XT + extinguishing system abort pushbutton for surface / recessed installation.

Abort push button that provides a highly visible point to allow an immediate abortion of a fire suppression release. The button closes when pressed and requires a spin action to release it. The robust enclosure allows surface or recessed mounting.

- Big button
- Twist to release the coupling action
- Compatible with all Sigma XT + models
- Robust steel enclosure
- Flush mounting or flush mounting

- Construction: 1.2 mm steel sheet
- Degree of protection: IP30
- Switch rating: 1A to 30V DC
- Operating temperature: -5 ° C ~ + 40 ° C
- Preset holes: 20 mm
- Dimensions: 97 x 97 x 50 mm
- Weight: <1 kg


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