Extinction Accessories

FOC-638 Model: K588

Sigma XT auxiliay card.

Sigma XT auxiliary card compatible with all Sigma XT control panels with operative software version SIGXT_11A. HEX or higher. The board provides NO voltage free contacts that allow control of subsystems and remote installation from the main panel through a two-wire data bus. The boxed auxiliary plates powered by the network require only a two-core data cable from the main control panel. The 24V DC versions require two additional cores for power, either from the main panel or from another 24V DC source.

Up to 7 auxiliary panels can be connected to a control panel and each is assigned an address from 1 to 7 by means of a DIL switch coded in binary. The total length of the data cable from the main panel to the last repeater must not exceed 1200 meters. A combination of state units and auxiliary cards, up to a maximum of 7 of each type, can be connected to the serial data bus.


- Two wire serial connection
- Up to 7 per system
- Voltage-free relay outputs for the state of the fire and extinguishing system
- LED indicators operated by relay


- Operating temperature: -5 ° C ~ + 40 ° C
- Dimensions: 155 x 136 mm
- Weight: 1 kg


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