Analog Centrals

FOC-671 Model: TAAED2311PA1

Kentec Taktis analog fire central of 2 loops and 126 addressable elements with Apollo protocol. 4 slot version for loop expanse. 7" color touchscreen. 2 aperture doors. 48 zone indicators. With printer. 45Ah battery supported. 10,25A power supply. Deep box. EN54-2, EN54-4.



The Taktis product range combines the latest in hardware and software to produce a control and indication system, powerful and sophisticated, yet easy to use. The 7 "color touch screen provides a clear, orderly and intuitive interface to minimize end user training requirements.

Each slot supports a 2-loop detection card, the Taktis fire control panel has between 2 and 16 loops and easily supports more than 2000 detection devices.

Taktis can be configured to adapt to any type of system, from the simplest to the most complex, using secure networks and powerful cause and effect capabilities throughout the network.


- Kentec Taktis analog fire central of 2 loops with ESP Hochiki protocol
- 126 elements Apollo protocol addressable by loop
- 4 slot version, each slot supports one detection card of 2 loops
- 7" color touchscreen
- Intuitive user interface
- 24 programmable function keys
- 2 aperture modes (required for zone indicators and printers)
- Multiple supported protocols on one panel (on 2 loop banks)
- 48 zone indicators
- 4 programmable siren output
- 3 programmable input
- 5 relay outputs: fault, fire, alarm, programmable 1 and programmable 2 (all re-programmable)
- Record of 10,000 events with filtering
- 40 columns thermal front loading printer
- Up to 512 programmable inputs / outputs
- Fault and fire inputs / outputs
- 2 auxiliary serial ports
- Modular electronics
- Spare slots can be used to add more inputs / outputs
- Connectivity enabled with the Media Gateway card
- More than 4,000 subaddress points per panel
- Up to 128 network panels
- Configurable through USB port (PC, USB memory)
- Memory expandable by SD card
- Supports batteries up to 45Ah
- 10.25 A power supply
- 500 mA loop consumption
- Deep case made of 1.5 mm steel sheet
- Control key
- Dimensions: 420 x 590 x 195 mm
- Certified according to EN54-2 and EN54-4


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