Extinction Accessories

FOC-702 Model: FOC-702

Auxiliary extinguishing PCB for Sigma system. 2-wire serial connection. Up to 7 plates per system. Voltage-free relay outputs for fire status and system release. Relay LED indicators. Served in a red box. UL864 and FM listings.


The Sigma A-XT Ancillary Board is compatible with all Sigma A-XT control panels. The board provides volt-freem normally open contacts, enabling control of sub systems and plant remotely from the main panel over a two-wire data bus.

Ancillary boards require only a two-core data cable from the main control panel and a two-core power cable from the main panel.

Up to seven ancillary boards can be connected to a control panel and each is allocated to an address from one to seven using a binary coded DIL switch. The total length of the data cable from the main panel to the last repeater must not exceed 4000 feet.

A mixture of status units and Ancillary boards, up to a maximum of seven of each type, can be connected to the serial data bus.


  • Two-wire serial connection
  • Up to 7 per system
  • Volt-free relay outputs for fire releasing system status
  • Relay operated LED indicators
  • Red color box
  • UL864 and FM listed

- Cable capacity: 2,5mm² per terminal
- Contacts: 30V DC, 1A
- Construction (boxed)  1,2 mm mild sheet steel
- IP30 (boxed)
- color-lid & box in red
- Supply voltage: 20V-30V CC
- Working temperature: -5°C ~ +50°C
- Working RH: <95% (without condensation)
- Dimensions: 385 x 310 x 90 mm


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