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FighterProVision Model: FighterProVision

ProVision Fighter Management Software

- Provides a wide and accurate representation of the Fighter panel in real time
- Allows programming and control of all panel parameters such as:
  - Supervision of up to 1000 panels
  - Remote display of Fighter panel operations
  - Real-time monitoring of events with visual and audible warning of alarms and errors
  - Up to 12 installation plans per client, with location of detectors and sirens
  - Remote download of records and local storage of them
  - Creation of reports in html format with user-defined criteria
  - Communication with the panel via RS232 (local mode) or TCP / IP (remote connection)
- Fighter ProVision is available for free with Fighter Fire Fighter
- For the local connection requires the communication module FOC-384 (PH.FA.232.RS)
- For the remote connection requires the communication module FOC-383 (PH.FI.TCP.IP)
- Possibility to view video stream from our Coloso Evolution DVRs


Garel 1/7/2015 4:23:50 PM
Apreciado cliente Este software está en desarrollo y disponemos de la versión BETA, puede descargarlo en la sección de descargas de nuestra página web. Reciba un cordial saludo
PEDRO 12/16/2014 10:29:00 AM
En donde puedo descargar este Programa.

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