Surface Magnetic Contact

GE-207 Model: DC111

Triple balanced magnetic ground mount contact. GAP 5 ~ 15 mm. 2 meter shielded cable. NA / NC

Magnetic contact designed for high security installations, in which robust equipment is necessary. Ideal for airports, warehouses, banks, military enclosures, etc.

The triple swing reed switch makes the magnetic contact practically immune to any type of external sabotage. Built with an extruded aluminum housing and completely encapsulated with polyurethane components. Tamper mounting incorporated.

- Magnetic ground mount contact
- 5 ~ 15 mm GAP
- 6-wire connection
- NO / NC contact
- Mounting Tamper
- Tamper loop included
- Anodized aluminum alloy housing
- Standard cable length of 2 m (metal shield)
- Dimensions: 88 x 19 x 38 mm
- Certification EN50131-2-6 Grade-3


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