IR barriers

GUAR-20 Model: SBT100F

Dual beam infrared barrier. Range up to 100 meters. Detection by cut of the two beams. 4 frequencies or channels. Simultaneous horizontal / vertical adjustment. Anti-fogging protection.


- Dual beam infrared barrier
- Valid for indoor or outdoor
- Range of 60 ~ 100 meters outdoors
- Detection by simultaneous cutting of the 2 beams
- 4 selectable frequencies or channels
- Automatic gain control
- Optical pointer for easy alignment
- Simultaneous horizontal / vertical adjustment of all beams
- Anti-fogging protection
- Alignment measurement output for precise adjustment
- Adjustable response time
- Power supply of 10.5V ~ 28V DC
- Dimensions: 82 x 196.5 x 73.5 mm


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