HD Pasive Transmitter/Receiver

HYU-2834 Model: HYU-2834

1 channel HDCVI / HDCVI / AHD / analog passive transceiver. Blister Pack X2.

- 1 channel passive transceiver. Blister Pack X2
- Real-time transmission over UTP Cat5e / 6
- No power required
- Compatible with NTSC, PAL and SECAM
- Supports HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD and analog cameras
- HD-CVI 720P range: up to 430 meters
- HD-CVI 1080P range: Up to 210 meters
- HD-TVI 720P range: up to 300 meters
- HD-TVI 1080P range: up to 200 meters
- AHD 720P range: up to 300 meters
- AHD 960P range: up to 200 meters
- BNC male connector cable 15 cm
- Connection for terminal block UTP
- Filter Waves and antistatic
- Class III Lightning protection 
- Immunity to crosstalk and noise of 60dB


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