Keyboard & Joystick

HYU-579 Model: HYU-579

IP WiFi 4AXIS keyboard for control of DVR/DVS, NVR, matrix, IP domes and cameras, etc. DVI/HDMI output. Display up to 16 channels. Up to 200 device management. LCD screen 1024x600. 12V DC.

- Keyboard for control of DVR/DVS, NVR, matrix, IP cameras and domes, etc.
- 10" LCD display (1024x600)
- Display on screen up to 16 channels
- 4AXIS joystick
- Compatible with DVR/DVS, NVR, matrix, IP , etc.
- PTZ control and screenshot from keyboard
- Connectable to DVR/NVR and front panel control
- 1x DVI/HDMI output for external monitor
- Audio: 1 in / 1 out
- 16 users: 1 admin and 15 operators
- Can be administered up to 2000 devices
- System update and export/import configuration files from USB
- Screensshots (FAT32) can be stored on external USB
- Remote access and configuration from web browser
- Manage up to 1000 devices
- TCP/IP or WiFi connection
- 1x Ethernet RJ45 10/100M, auto adaptive
- Connections: RS232, RS422, RS485, 2x USB 2.0
- Power supply: 12V DC, ≤4,5W
- PoE supported
- Working temperature: -10°C ~ +55°C
- Dimensions: 404 x 180 x 160 mm
- Weight: 1,7 kg


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