Hyundai Smart4Home Alarm

HYU-70 Model: HYU-70

Outdoor solar siren via radio


Solar recharging siren compatible with Hyundai Smart Home series.

Outdoor case is made of polycarbonate and its protected against dust and humidity. All the electrical parts are made to last long. Sabotage system prevents manipulation and deactivation. Solar panel recharge battteries during light times, and during night siren works using a minimum part of the battery (48 hours of energy without light).


- Suitable for outdoors
- 110dB @ 1 meter
- Recharged with solar energy
- Frequency: 868MHz bidirectional
- Auto pairing
- 250 meters range (in open field)
- Battery : 6V, 1.2Ah
- Working temperature: -10ºC ~ +40ºC
- HR: 85%
- Dimensions: 190 x 320 x 50 mm
- Weight: 1.2 Kg.


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