HYU-727 Model: HYU-727

Access Control Controller. Access control of two doors. Up to 100,000 cards and 300,000 events. Uplink communication via RS485 and TCP / IP. 4 Wiegand readers, 4 RS485 readers. Inputs for 2 door sensors, 2 REX output buttons, 4 alarm inputs and 1 tamper input. Outputs for 2 door lock relays and 4 alarm relays.




Access controller designed with TCP / IP and RS485 communication interface. Communication data is encrypted to improve system security. The controller also supports offline operation and includes a tamper-proof switch.



  • 32-bit high speed processor
  • TCP / IP communication, with self-adaptive network interface
  • Recognition and storage of card numbers up to 20 digits
  • Storage of up to 100,000 cards (expandable to 200,000) and 300,000 events (expandable to 600,000)
  • Supports RS485 and Wiegand 26/34 interface to access the card reader
  • Multi-door interlock function
  • Anti-passback function, multi-card function, first card function, super card and super password
  • Online update function and remote door control
  • Supports loading of alarm events (including tamper alarm, unsafe door alarm, forced entry alarm,
  • delayed door alarm, duress card and code alarm, blacklist alarm and alarm for invalid card slip attempts)
  • Short circuit attempts alarm and open circuit attempts alarm
  • Support zone alarm input
  • Supports various card classifications as normal / disabled / blacklist / patrol / visitor / duress / super card, etc.
  • Multiple indicators to show different device states
  • Supports time synchronization via NTP, manual or automatic
  • Support backup battery
  • Watchdog for status detection of the running device
  • Data can be permanently saved when the access controller is turned off.


  • 32-bit high speed processor
  • 16 MB RAM
  • Capacity: 100,000 valid cards (expandable to 200,000)
  • Events: 300,000 access control records (expandable to 600,000)
  • Upload communication interface: TCP / IP, RS485
  • Downlink communication interface: RS485, Wiegand 26/34
  • Readers: 4 readers Wiegand interface, 4 readers RS485 interface
  • Input interface: 2 door sensors, 2 output buttons (REX), 4 alarm inputs, 1 tamper input
  • Output interface: 2 door lock relays, 4 alarm relays
  • Built-in clock battery
  • LED indicator: Power status, communication status and abnormal status
  • Power: 12V DC, 1A
  • Power dissipation (with load): ≤100W
  • Consumption: ≤4W (no load)
  • Operating temperature of -20 ° C ~ + 65 ° C
  • Operating Humidity: 10% ~ 90%, no condensation
  • Dimensions: 370 x 345 x 90 mm


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