Hyundai Smart4Home Alarm

HYU-77 Model: HYU-77

Intelligent socket with intensity regulator


Socket via radio compatible with all Hyundai Smart Home series.

You can turn on/off lights or electrical devices remotely, using the app for smartphone/tablet, to ensure a high level of automation.

Also it’s capable to adjust the intensity of the lights to achieve an ideal level of illumination for any situation.


- Protected against overload
- Frequency: 868MHz
- 70 meters signal range (indoor)
- Status LED
- Intensity regulator
- Auto pairing 
- Power supply: 230V AC / 50Hz
- 2000W max against overload
- Working temperature: -10ºC ~ +40ºC
- HR: 85%
- Dimensions: 58 x 112 x 74 mm
- Weight: 149 g


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