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MACRO-16 Model: MACRO-16

Macroscop ST license for 64 bit O/S

- Macroscop ST license for 64 bit operating systems
- License for 1 IP camera
- Unlimited number of cameras per system
- Unlimited Workstations
- Unlimited Servers
- 300 cameras per server
- Supports intelligent analysis modules
- For Microsoft Windows 32-bit (x86) O/S
- More than 120 brands supported
- Supports ONVIF and PSIA standards
- Video formats: MJPEG, MPEG4 and H264
- Audio formats: PCM, G.711u, G.711A, G.722.1, G.726, G.729A, GSM-AMR, AAC
- Video analysis using intelligent analysis modules (optional)
- PTZ cameras control
- Interface in several languages
- Storage modes: Constant / operator request / motion detection / when the detector Macroscop orders him / at a time (recording modes can be combined) / system events (scenario)
- Display modes: multi-screen; the channel list and the relative positions of the channels in the network can be changed during operation
- Macroscop Detector detects movement, including the creation of several detection zones and limiting the size of events detected individually for each zone and has a configurable detection rate
- Storage format whoever receives IP Camera
- Video export: AVI format available Macroscop Owner format (can be played by Macroscop Player)
- Sabotage detection:  change camera orientation (panning), lighting the camera, lens cover, blur
- Monitoring of events
- ST license required (Macro-15 or Macro-16)


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