Analog Centrals

MORLEY-2 Model: 714-001-222

2/4 loop DXC2 Analog Central

Logo Morley


  • Analog fire detection center with 2 MorleyIAS loops.
  • With 396 addresses (198 sensors + 198 modules).
  • Expandable to 4 loops (792 addresses) through module 795-111, 2 supervised siren outputs (1A max.c / u).
  • 4A power supply.
  • 2 general relays (alarm and fault).
  • A programmable relay
  • Fixed and resettable auxiliary output 24Vdc 250mA.
  • 2 keys and 2 inputs for programmable functions.
  • LCD graphic display 240x64 pixels.
  • Integrated port for PC programming via USB cable and RS485 port for repeaters.
  • Optional isolated port communications module for connection to the DXcNET central network and optional RS232 serial isolated port module (for integration or connection to a PC with TG graphic management terminal).
  • It includes verification and matching algorithms to eliminate false alarms.
  • Specific control algorithms for ultrasensitive MI-LZR laser sensor and time plan for multi-criteria sensors
  • MI-PTSE and MI-PTIR.
    Includes CD with a tool for calculating the dimensions of the ties and the batteries.
  • A program for historical treatment.
  • Manuals and programming software that allows you to customize the graphic display of the control panel with the company logo and import the personalization texts of the equipment from an Excel document.
  • Cab with capacity to accommodate 2 batteries 12Vdc, 7Ah to 17Ah.


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