Analog Modules


Module with 2 inputs and 1 output

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  • Addressable monitor and control module for MorleyIAS analog system.
  • It is composed of 2 input circuits for the monitoring of alarm initiation equipment or technical signals that have a voltage-free contact and 1 output circuit NO / NC relay for the activation of signaling or warning systems, doors, fire dampers, solenoids, etc. through the analog loop itself.
  • It incorporates short circuit isolator.
  • Easy addressing via two decatic rotary switches (01-159) placed both on the front of the module and on the side (accessible and visible in DIN rail mounting).
  • It occupies three consecutive addresses.
  • It has three three-color LEDs for each channel (green: flashes when the device is asked; red: fixed active relay; yellow: flashes due to a fault in the input circuit).
  • Connection via removable terminals (up to 2.5mm2 section).
  • Multiple mounting possibilities: On the surface by means of M200SMB or SMB6-V0 box, on DIN rail by means of M200E-DIN adapter or on panel by means of M200PMB support.


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