Aspiration Centrals

NOTIFIER-279 Model: FL2022EI-HS

FAAST-LT suction system P / 2-channel analog loop / 2 Detectors. AM-8200 compatible



FAAST-LT system of smoke analysis by aspiration of 2 independent channels / IP65, with direct connection to the AM-8200 loop model FL2022EI-HS with built-in isolator and local supervised siren output for each channel, also includes a control module of 2 addresses (01-159) on the door to monitor power and / or flow failure and two VIEW point sensors with 9 alarm levels and sensitivity prealarms that can be parameterized from the analogue control unit.

  • System information by means of a pendulum-shaped graphic bar with 9 air flow levels to verify that the air flows according to the requirements of EN54-20.
  • Internal point detector that incorporates manual and automatic test functions and decadic addressing (01-159) easily replaceable.
  • Internal record of 2,244 events.
  • Principle of dust discrimination by AWACS ™ algorithms.
  • Includes easy access internal filter (FL-IF) and ultrasonic flow sensor.
  • Configuration via standard USB cable and PipeIQ LT software (included).
  • Compatible with OPAL 159 + 159 protocols (shows speed / flow values ​​per channel).
  • It has 2 sample pipe entries for each channel Max. 50 meters each, in a single line of 100 meters and 160 meters in T with up to 18 holes per channel in class C, 6 in class B and 3 in class A.
  • Requires 24 Vdc power supply according to EN54-4.
  • Maximum current consumption: 570 mA at 24 Vdc (without sirens (2 channels) and is supplied with software justifying design and PipeIQ LT configuration.


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