Aspiration Centrals

NOTIFIER-288 Model: VEU-A10

Suction system VESDA-E VEU 1 channel, 4 800M pipes and DISPLAY.


Aspiration Smoke Detector with Flair analysis chamber, consisting of double laser beam and microscopic vision for Artificial Intelligence analysis of particles.

  • 3.5 ”color touch screen.
  • Status indicator panel with 7 LED lights and multifunction button.
  • Housing in Duralumin.
  • 7 programmable relays. 4 pipe entries, which make up a single detection zone.
  • Air flow monitoring for each sampling pipe inlet.
  • Air filter with control chip.
  • Sensitivity range from 0.001 to 20% dimming per meter.
  • 4 alarm levels (Alert, Action, 1st level of fire and 2nd level of fire), with sensitivity adjustment in each one.
  • Maximum coverage area: 2,000 m2. Maximum pipe length of up to 800 m. (not included).
  • Advanced data connection: VesdaNet, Ethernet and WiFi. E-mail engine and services for connection with Smartphone.
  • Event log for more than one year of operation history.
  • AutoLearn: Examines the environment, selects the most appropriate alarm levels and adjusts the air flow sensors automatically.
  • Requires external 24 Vdc power. EN-54/20 Certificate - CPR and CE Marking. Class A: 80 sampling points - Fire Threshold at 0.015% obs / m.
  • Class B: 80 sampling points - Fire Threshold at 0.026% obs / m.
  • Class C: 100 sampling points - Fire Threshold at 0.062% obs / m.


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