Analog Software

NOTIFIER-58 Model: TG-ID3000

Graphic management program for id3000. It allows the connection of a central.


  • Base program and license for the graphic management of an ID-3000 control panel with 2 to 8 TG-ID3000 analog loops.
  • It allows users to perform rearmament permissions, silence sirens, cancel / enable points and zones, action macros with conditioners and logical functions, know the location and status of the equipment in the different planes of an installation, import the description labels of the equipment of the control panel and also has counters / tabs in terminal mode with event logging due to breakdowns, pre-alarms, alarms, technical assets and canceled devices, multimedia optical-acoustic messages, real-time indication of analog values ​​and graphic representation of the detectors, statistical management of events and storage of large capacity history per month and annually, with the possibility of filtering by loop or by central with preset patterns, hierarchical levels of permissions for groups and users, wide range of equipment and class representation icons , with intuitive internal creation tool, registration for specific checks of equ ipos and / or maintenance with analog values ​​of sensors, indication of periods of maintenance of extinguishing equipment (fire extinguishers / Bie) and possibility of sending information of the different states of the equipment, either via e-mail or through transmission of events to Mobile phone groups via SMS messages, (Requires optional TG-GSM connected to the RS232 of the PC).
  • For the management or extension of control of more than one central, TGP-XXX expansion licenses are required on the base starting program, there is no limitation as to the number of centrals to be controlled (multipoint).
  • Totally bi-directional.
  • Connected to the isolated RS232 serial port ISO-RS232 (020-478) of the ID3000 analogue exchange and with the possibility of sending data via IP via TG-IP-1 redirector to send the information to any point where the graphic management PC is located with access to Ethernet (IP) network.


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